Indonesian Business Women Association Council hearings to Parliament DIY DIY

The delegation of Indonesian Business Women Association (IWAPI) DPD DIY DIY visited the Parliament Building in order hearings on improving SMEs Women and marketing of products on Friday (16/01) morning. Located at the Lobby Lounge Lt 1 DIY Parliament, this hearing is received directly by the Chairman of the Parliament DIY H. Yoeke Indra ... more

COMMISSION A Parliament DIY visit residents of Mount Merapi Disaster Relocation

Thursday (15/01) A Committee consisting DIY Eco Suwanto Parliament, ST, M.Si, Sukarman, S. Pd, KPH. Purbodiningrat, SE, MBA, Bambang Chrisnadi, SH, Rendradi Suprihandoko, SH, M. Hum, Sadar Narima, S.Ag, SH, Slamet, S. Pd, MM, Agus Sumartono, S.Si, Drs. Rojak Harudin and Nunung Ida Mundarsih, S.Pd together BPBDs, TAPEM DIY ... more

Commission A Visit SAR team Baron Beach

A Commission delegation together with the Head Kesbanglinmas DIY, General Supriyono on Wednesday (14/01) on a working visit to the Baron Beach. The working visit in order to monitor the development of infrastructure Sar Team 2 Baron Beach area.

Rescue team Baron at some time ago to get the help of a ... more

Achievement Motivation Training SMA N 1 Imogiri Been to Parliament DIY

Tuesday (6/01) SMA N 1 held achievement motivation training received by Deputy Chairman of the Parliament DIY Noor Arief Hartanto, SIP together with the Vice Chairman of Commission D H. Suwardi and Ir. Atmaji Rapur Lt located in Room 2. The event was led by the Vice Principal of SMA N 1 Imogiri ... more


Some time ago, precisely on March 31, 2014 Parliament has succeeded in making Formation Program and the Local Rules or Regulations of Special Region in 2015, the Plenary Session of Parliament led by Chairman Indra DIY Youke Lieu. Formation Program and the Regional Regulation or Regulation ... more

A Commission Working Meeting with the Parliament Secretariat DIY

Associated with several matters relating to the Budget Activity Council, last Monday (29/12) A Parliament DIY Commission held a meeting with the Parliament Secretariat. Similar Working Meeting was held a few days earlier with a Commission SKPDs other partners. In Space Commission A few things become a topic ... more

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