Accountability report documents the Governor of Yogyakarta 2013

Download Document LKPJ_Gubernur DIY 2013

Yogyakarta Special but not his Special Election

About a week ago the people's democratic party is following the legislative elections in 2014, the political dynamics that occur in the event the election into themes Journalist Forums "The dynamics of legislative elections in 2014" on Wednesday (16/4) at the 1st floor Lobby Parliament attended by journalists from DIY various media and ... more

Members of Parliament Mandatory Report LHKPN

On Wednesday (16/04) at Transit Lt. 1 Yogyakarta DPRD building Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held a meeting with Chairman of the Governing Council and faction. That at the meeting talked about LHKPN and also urged the Assembly Members to give DIY Wealth Report ... more

Special Committee discussion draft Public Service and Aspirations Put Seriusi Disability Group

Special Committee discussion draft Public Service seriusi input and aspirations of disabled people. After receiving the presence of Coalition of Civil Society Yogyakarta, associated with aspiration peers with disabilities / disabled, the Special Committee of Parliament serious DIY brewing inputs that have been given. Chairman of the Special Committee, Arif Noor Hartanto, SIP is also chairman of faction ... more

Raperda Public Service Will Not Discriminatory

People who are members of the Coalition of Civil Society Yogyakarta staged reject the draft law on ratification of the Implementation of Public Services on Friday (25/03) in front of the Parliament Building DIY. This action is motivated by the lack of involvement of vulnerable groups and human rights activists in the discussion draft. According to them, the process of formulating the substance ... more

Hearing the Students Parliament UMY DIY

Tuesday (25/03) Istianah ZA, SH, M. Hum and Janu Ismadi. DIY SE Council board members meet students at the St. Louis Rapur Floor Space 2 DPRD DIY. Visit UMY students are study visits related to understanding the function of the legislature, an understanding of legal drafting and understanding of the methods / means of legislation ... more

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