Study visit from the Sydney University School of law and UGM

DPRD DIY arrival of guests from Sydney University's School of Law UGM Australia and Objectives knowing the legal system in Indonesia (parliament), the role and function of local government, wants the extent of that power, and in particular given local government in Yogyakarta. Students met directly ... more

Student Peace Action Reject thuggery PILPRES 2014

The peaceful protest dozens of students who are members of the Student Guild Democracy on Monday (7/7) afternoon at Parliament House lawn in order DIY rejection of the rampant cases of thuggery ahead of presidential elections next July 9. Thuggery cases of concern include the beating of UII students ... more

News Grief DIY Assembly Members

Edhie Wibowo, who was born in Yogyakarta, June 15, 1955, one member of the faction of PNPI Kingdom Parliament DIY Gerindra had died in Dr. Sardjito on Wednesday (02/7) at 23.30. The body will be buried in Bagong Padepokan Kussudiarjo, twins, Poor, Bantul, Yogyakarta and ... more

Crime of Trafficking in Persons Raperda Has Passed

DIY Parliament Plenary Meeting held in the Plenary Session Lt. 1 DIYdihadiri Parliament Building DIY least 40 members of parliament on Monday (30/6) in order pengesahanperda initiated by Council Commission D DIY, the Chairman of the Special Committee Erwin Nizar, S.Psi. The Draft Regulation (draft) that at the beginning of the discussion ... more

Indonesian Students Forum Legislature Reject DO (Drop Out) Top 5 University Students Panca Budi Medan (FL2MI)

Forum FL2MI legislature Indonesian students staged a demonstration in front of Parliament DIY yard is who it claims to reject DO (drop out) top 5 university students favor the five fields and create a democratic atmosphere.

Considers FL2MI Development University Panca Budi Medan like corporations that suck towards profit and ... more

Timsel (Team Selection) KPID prospective audience members to the Parliament DIY

Wednesday (18/6) Chairman of Commission A DPRD DIY (Drs Ahmad Subangi) accompanied by the member of Commission A DPRD DIY has received in audience Networking Candidate Selection of Team Members Transit lt KPID in space. 1 DPRD DIY. In this regard Networking Candidate Selection Team Members KPID DIY deliver ... more

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