Regulation 69/2014 Born, LOD and LOS to Parliament DIY

Thursday (23/10) Regional Ombudsman (LOD) and the Ombudsman Private Sector (LOS) conducted hearings held at the Lobby Lounge Lt 1 DIY Parliament accepted by PKS faction members, Agus Sumartono, S.Si and other legislators and their DIY and Organization Bureau DIY Legal Bureau.

LOD and LOS appealed ... more

Code of Ethics Working Group of the South Sumatra DPRD Visit DIY

Working Group (WG) of the Code to implement the Provincial Parliament DIY working visit to Parliament on Wednesday (22/10). Located in Room 1 lt lobby Parliament Building DIY DIY received by the Governing Council, Arif Noor Hartanto, SIP and Hj. Rany Widayati, SE, MM, along with other legislators.

"Code ... more

Socialization Waiter Public Regulation

Monday (20/10) 2nd floor room Rapur DPRD DIY filled with socialization participants both from the government and society. Socialization Regulation Public waiter in order to lay the regulatory regions as the process of planting or transfer of customs or values ​​and rules of the Regional Regulation of Public Services to the ranks of the government and ... more

Sekwan East Java Provincial Parliament Parliament visit the DIY

In order to increase knowledge and human resources to the secretariat of the East Java Provincial Parliament to provide facilities to the members of Parliament maid-year period 2014-2019 to send representatives of commissions to the East Java Provincial Parliament Parliament DIY. The delegation led by Jadid Nurcahyo and other members of the group of Drs. General Rahman, Warno ... more

Discussion Rules Keep Walking

Thursday (16/10) Members of Parliament who are members of the Special Committee DIY BA 26 parliament discussions draft DIY DIY Council Regulation No. 1 of 2014 on the Procedure-Rules. So far, the discussion came to the Article 175 of a total of 197 articles. Eko Suwanto, Chairman of the Special Committee, led the discussion of article 26 BA ... more

People's Action Jogja Reject Election Law

Dozens of mass incorporated in the People's Action Jogja staged a demonstration against the Election Act was passed some time ago. The action was held at the Parliament House lawn DIY encountered by the Chairman of the National Awakening Faction H. Sukamto, SH and Chang Wendryanto, SH PDIP faction members. But Parliament ... more

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