DPRD DIY Set 3 (three) Raperda into law

Through the Plenary Meeting (Rapur) led by Vice Chairman Arif Noor H Artanto, SIP, yesterday Thursday (01/10/2015), which was also attended by all members of Parliament, Deputy Governor, Secretary, and the whole DIY agencies, have established and endorsed three (3) Draft Regional Regulations DIY.

Beginning with the Chairman of the Special Committee report each ... more

DPRD DIY syahkan Change Formation Program Regional Regulation

In the Plenary Session led by Deputy Chairman of Parliament Arif Nurhartanto DIY SIP, yesterday Thursday (10/01/2015) has diyshkan Change Formation Program Regional Regulation 2015 formerly known by the term Prolegda (Local Legislation Program). Establishment of Regional Regulation DIY program that was once planned a number of ... more


Thursday (1/10) Akmal Malik of Kasubdit Autonomy visit to Parliament to listen to the problems Parliament DIY DIY. Accompanied by Cornel T. Sout of DIPK and Imam Akbar from Kemendagri, Akmal Malik expressed support for the progress of DIY. "People say the most sexy in DIY is Danais. But according to our ... more


Persecution and murder that occurred in Salim hare repellent sand mining activist Lumajang bring the concerns of all walks of life. Salim hare and Tosan previously have received threats and reported to the police but did not get a response. Until the events of death befall Salim hare done by a mob of thugs.

Along with ... more

Parliament Secretariat DIY Kesaktian Pancasila Day Commemoration

In the courtyard of the parliament building DIY all levels of employees of the secretariat of Parliament DIY magic day commemorated with memorial ceremony. The ceremony is held right at 08.00 am commanded by Tri Suyuti and as Inspector ceremony Ir. Drajad Ruswandono DIY parliament secretary.

Ir. Drajad Ruswandono reading the speech of ... more

COMMISSION D Monitor the venue and took the opening race karate PORDA to 13 in 2015

Commission D together with the chairman of Koni GBPH Prabukusumo along the ranks of today carry out monitoring of the venue Porda (Sports Week of Regions) to 13 in 2015 to the Kulon Progo. Tennis Menoreh Wates became the first goal.

Tennis Menoreh which consists of a field of indoor and out door at ... more

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