Prosecute Muslim Student Alliance finalize bill Yogyakarta General Election

Looking at the current social reality, the bill carries Election konseo representative democracy is now a new problem arises. This can be seen when the pros and cons of whether elections are ideal selections made directly or representation. Therefore Muslim Student Alliance Yogyakarta action ... more

Indonesian Unity Disability Rejects Election Bill

Unity Disability Indonesia (PPDI DIY) held a demonstration in front of the parliament building on Tuesday DIY (23/09) afternoon in order to order to reject the Bill elections. During the action they unfurled a white banner to be signed which indicates the rejection of the bill elections.

In its claim, PPDI bersitegas ... more

Action Rallies Guard National Farmers Day

Dozens of students who are members of the student council of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University, People's Action Union students and Farmers (KAMRAT), and the People's Struggle Committee Yogyakarta hold demonstrations in DIY Parliament House lawn on Wednesday (9.24) during the commemoration of the National Farmers fall every September 24th. ... more

Democratic Front ELECTION reject bill

Democratic Front Element Of Joint Student Democratic Concern held a demonstration in front yard and hall DIY Parliament rejected a bill ELECTION. Election bill currently in the Parliament session RI will determine the direction of democracy to the region in Indonesia in the future. The bill contains a mandate discourse refund ... more

The role of Parliament in the Implementation DIY RPJMD

Tuesday (23/09) DPRD DIY discussion forums of journalists who routinely held once every 3 months to establish partners with reporters DPRD DIY unit. The event was held at the Plenary Meeting Room, 2nd Floor of this Parliament DIY theme Role in the Implementation of the Regional Development Plan Medium (RPJMD) ... more

Young Advocates Forum (FAM) PERADI AND ADVOCATES PERMAHI DIY reject bill

Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of DIY while Noor Arief Hartanto, SIP accompanied by Member of Parliament DIY Wendryanto Chang, SH has received in audience of the Young Advocates Forum Peradi DIY (DPC Peradi Yogyakarta City, DPC Peradi Bantul, Sleman Peradi DPC) and DPC Permahi related Yogyakarta Rejection ... more

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